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Steel Test

- Rectangle / Circular Hollow Section Steel Thickness using Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge
- Mass of Zinc / Zink-Alloy Coatings on Iron & Steel Articles
- Mass of Rust on Iron & Steel Articles (for rebar)
- Cross-Section Area & Diameter of Deformed Bar
- Measuring of Rebar Diameter
- Dimension of Steel Plate Cut from Steel Pipe
- Chemical Analysis on Steel
- High Tensile Strand Relaxation Test
- Reverse Bend Test for Wire
- Brinell Hardness Test on Metallic Material
- Measurement for Chloride on Steel Surfaces
- Half Cell Potential fo Reinforcing Steel
- Steel U-Channel Compression Shear Strength Test
- Slip Factor Test for High Strength Friction
- Bending Deflection of Metal Furring Channel
- Load Relaxation Test for Seven Wires Strand
- Any Other Steel Test Request by Customer


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