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  In-Situ Concrete Test Sample Extraction By Using Diamond Coring Method



  Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity On Concrete Structure



  Concrete Carbonation Test


  Reinforcement Corrosion Investigation By Half Cell Potential Test

  In-Situ Load Test On Concrete Structure



  Pull Out Test On Anchorage Structure / Tie Back Structure


 Bearing Capacity Of Shallow Foundation By Plate Bearing Test

  Site Investigation By Mackintosh Probe Test (JKR Probe)
 Ground Water Pressure Measurement By Pneumatic Pieziometer Test
  Slope Movement & Deformation By Using Inclinometer Measurement  

Soil Compaction By Field Density Test
  In-Situ Concrete Strength By Using Rebound Hammer (Schmidt)
In-Situ Concrete Strength By Using Windsor Probe Test
Coating Adhesion Test By  Pull Off Test
Concrete Srength Covermeter Survey  Test
In-Situ Concrete Strength Testing By Using Concrete Strength Tester (MG4)
Tilting And Settlement Monitoring (Precise Levelling & Tube Meter Test)
Concrete - Rapid Chloride Permeability Test
Concrete - Temperature Monitoring
Concrete - Water Permeability Test
Epoxy - Compressive & Modulus   Epoxy - Point Load MOR
Epoxy - Pull Off Test
Epoxy - Shear Strength
Steel - Tensile Test





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