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- Block Compressive Strength
- Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Fire Bricks
- Abrasion Resistance Test of Concrete Paving Block
- Drying Shrinkage for Bricks

- Pull Off Strength of Concrete
- Pull Off Bond Strength
- Pull Out Tensile Bonding Strength
- Pull Off Strength of Repair Mortar
- Pull Off Strength of Coating
- Measurement of Bond Strength
- Tensile Adesion Strength for Cementitious Adhesive
- Open Time Adhesion Strength for Cementitious Adhesive

- WC Flushing Cisterns & Flush Pipes Back-Siphonage
- WC Water Closet Pans Loading

- Crazing Resistance for Glazed Ceramic Tiles
- Dimension & Thickness for Ceramic Tiles (Square & Rectangular)
- Moisture Expansion
- Rectangularity
- Resistance to Deep Abrasion for Unglazed Ceramic Tiles
- Resistance to Surface Abrasion for Glaze Tiles
- Straightness of Sides
- Surface Flatness (Curvature & Warpage)

- Bonding Strength of Epoxy Resin Systems used with Concrete by Slant Shear
- Gel-Time (Pot-Lite) & Peak Exothermic Temperature of Reacting Thernosetting Resin
- Sag Flow of Highly Viscous Resins
- Epoxy Resin Tensile Strength
- Viscosity of Epoxy Resins & Related Components
- Water Absorption & Solvability in Water of Epoxy Resin
- Consistency of Epoxy Resin Bonding System
- Open Time of the Bonding Agent Applied on a Concrete Surface
- Temperature Deflection of Epoxy Bonding Agent
- Modulus of Rupture (MOR) of the Concrete

- Uniaxial Compression Test on Rock Core
- Slake Durability of Shales & Similar Weak Rocks
- Point Load Strength Index of Rock
- Elastic Modulus of Intact Rock Core Specimen
- Block Integrity of Rock Sample ( Drop Test)
- Absorption & Bulk Specific Gravity of Dimension Stone

- In-Situ Load Test
- Torque Load Test on Bridge Stud
- Load Test on Steel Lifting Beam
- Load Test on Vertical Brick Wall
- Load Test on Precast V Drain
- Point Load Test
- Culvert Load Test

- Bending Strength for Structure Timber
- Compression Strength for Structural Timber
- Moisture Content of Concrete Floor
- Wood Preservatives & Treated Timber

- Compressive Strength of Rigid Plastics
- Durometer Hardness for Vulvanized Rubber
- Linear Coefficient of Thermal Expansion of Plastic Lumber & Plastic Shapes
- Indentation Hardness by means of a Durometer for Plastic & Ebonite (Shore Hardness)
- Indentation Hardness of Elastometric - Type Sealants by means of a Durometer
- Unrestrained Volumetric Expansion of Rubber Immerse in Water
- Barcoal Hardness of Rigid Plastics
- Flexible Cellular Materials Made from Olefin Polymers
- Compression Deflection / Compressive Strength
- Water Absorption
- Compression Set Under Constant Deflection / Recovery
- Evaluating the Resistance of Plastics to Chemical Reagents
- Impact Resistance for Damp-Proof Courses & Flashing
- Thickness for Damp-Proof & Flashings
- Plastic-Determination of Compressive Properties (for Earth Chamber Top Cover)
- Compression Stress & Compression Stress-Strain Characteristic for Flexible Cellular Materials
- Ring Stiffness Test on Thermoplastic Pipes
- Watertightness of Pipe Joints for Thermoplastic Pipes
- Thermoplastic, Pipes, Fitting & Assemblies for Conveyance of Fluids

- Non-Volatile Matter of Points & Varnishers & Binder for Pain & Varnishes
- Resistance to Continous Salt Spray
- Through-Dry State & Through Dry Time
- Paints & Varnishes - Bend Test (Cylindrical Mandrel)
- Resistance to Liquid for Paints & Varnishes (Spotting Method)

- Particle Size Distribution for Garnet (Dry Sieve Method)
- Water Solubility Test
- Moisture Content
- Apparent Porosity
- Assessment of Hardness by a Glass Slide Test
- Water Soluble Contaminants by Conductivity Measurement
- Water Soluble Chloride Content

- Thermal Conductivity of Insulating Coating by means of Heat Flow Meter
- Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Content of Paints & Related Coating
- Slip / Skid Resistance Measurement of New Pedustrian Surface Material
- Curing Efficient index for Curing Compounds
- Salt Spray Corrosion Test on Coated Articles in Artifical Atmospheres
- Impact Resistance of coating (Falling Weight Test)

- Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials

- Chemical Analysis on Aggregate
- Chemical Analysis on Concrete Dust
- Chemical & Physical Properties of Silica Fume
- Chemical Analysis on Soil Sample
- Chemical Analysis on Total Water Soluble Salts Content
- Mineral Chemical Composition Analysis of Limestone
- Chemical Analysis on Cement
- Storage Constant - Temperature Stability of Chemical Materials
- Chemical Substances for Drinking Water

- Index Puncture Resistance of Geomembranes
- Grab Breaking Load & Elongation
- In-Plane Flow Rate per Unit Width
- Tensile Properties of Geotextiles
- Trapezoid Tearing Strength
- Apparent Opening Size
- Measuring the Nominal Thickness and Width of Prefabricated Vertical Drain


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