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Aggregate Testing



- Bulk Density, Voids and Bulking
- Chemical Analysis (Chloride & Sulphate Content)
- Methylene Blue Test
- Aggregate Durability Index
- Flat & Elongated Particles in Coarse Aggregates
- Lightweight Pieces in Aggregate
- Scratch Hardness of Coarse Aggregate
- Surface Moisture in Fine Aggregate
- Wet / Dry Atterition Test
- Aggregate Abrasion Value
- Voids Ratio on Compacted
- Micro-Deval for Railway Ballast
- Fracture Face Test
- Potential Alkali Reactivity (Chemical Method)
- Loose Bulk Density and Voids
- Solubility of Sand in 40% (Volume)
- Any Other Aggregate Test Request by Customer


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